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Psychic Herb Jar


An herb jar to enhance powers physically and mentally:

Fill with the following:
Cinnamon- For dream magick
Nutmeg- For good luck
Allspice- For healing
Ginger- For lunar magick
Basil- For protection
Fennel seeds- For spiritual healing
Garlic- For spiritual purification
Marjoram- For protection
Sage- For spiritual purification
Cloves- For protection
Mustard seeds- For protection

Love and Light from my heart to yours: Wish Spell →


  • pure rainwater
  • crystal bowl
  • white paper
  • blue pen
  • black pen
  • one feather (same color as the candle)
  • matches
  • coffee filter

Pour the rainwater into the coffee filter, so the filtered water drips into the crystal bowl. Next, cut a circle out of the white paper….

Ground Ivy Magic: Chamomile →


  • neutral, bitter, drying

Chamomiles most popular use is drinking it as a night time tea to help with sleep. Chamomile works very well for this with the people that it is indicated in.

Chamomile is a wonderful before meal tea and can be taken after as well. It can help with IBS, indigestion,…